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Our Mission

The Pest Control in El Paso mission is to provide locals a professional service that is safe for the customer and effective against fighting pests. Having over +10 years of experience servicing homes and businesses has allowed us to develop the best practices for each pest situation. If you need help with your pest problem then contact us today.

Our Guarantee

We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for every location we service for a full 30 to 90 Days depending on the Pest Treatment. Our company focuses heavily on implementing the best Pest Control application that fits your needs. If for any reason the treatment falls short of its intention, then we will re-service your location at no extra cost.

Licensed & Insured

Customers seeking Pest Control services in El Paso should be diligent when hiring a business. Our company is property Insured protecting you in the event of unforeseen damage to property or injury. Our technicians are also certified and trained to uphold only the highest standards of quality customer service and care.


Highest Rated Pest Control El Paso

Pest Control El Paso has  experience in providing unparalleled pests services and have become one of the top-rated local pest management providers.  We attribute our success through our dedication to customer satisfaction, having highly-trained technicians and a tailored approach to suit the distinctive pest management needs of each of our clients. 

We also rely on industry leading technology and equipment to exterminate and/or evict all kinds of pests from your home. Our technicians are continuously trained to achieve dexterity in dealing with all kinds of pests, termites, rodents, mosquitoes, and beg bugs etc.

Our experience has taught us that pests are resilient and are always on a lookout for safe-havens inside your home or business. We take pride in providing  peace of mind to our customers, their families and clients.

Local Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control in El Paso

Pest Control in El Paso

Are you tired of household pests every new season? Are you looking for a reliable pests control service in El Paso, Texas?

Pest infestation could be a sticky problem for households if you have not had a professional pests control service provider treat every square inch of your house to make it pest-resistant.

Service Description

It is now scientifically proven that pests are the carriers of various diseases and allergens that could pose significant health risks for yourself, your children and your loved ones. Being proactive in fortifying your homes against pests is always a wiser choice than being reactive after pest infestation has occurred.

We have a solution to all your pests control requirements. Now that your search is over, we welcome you aboard to the mightiest pest control service provider in El Paso, Texas. Let the pests not worry you anymore by calling the most experienced, ethical, economical and customer-driven pests control service in the whole of El Paso, Texas.

Call us today at (915) 503-1391 to give your family the gift of a healthy and pest-resistant home environment.


Free Inspection & Affordable Pricing


Certified & Highly-Skilled Technicians


Best Practices, Equipment and Products


30-90/Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Commercial Pest Control in El Paso

El Paso Pest Control

Got pests in your commercial space like an office, hotel, restaurant, storage facility, etc.?

If you are searching for a professional, credible and responsible pests control service in El Paso, Texas, then search no more as we (The Top-Rated Pest Control Service in El Paso, Texas) stand next to you to reinstate pest-free environment at your place.

Service Description

We attribute our unparalleled success to our scientific knowledge of pest biology, technical acumen and technological know-how of the forefront pest extermination techniques and equipment. Much of our success came from application of our diversified experience gained on ground while dealing a huge variety of residential and commercial pest infested sites and situations.

We have in place the best and most effective commercial pest prevention and control plan that relies on pests’ biology to exterminate them with least toxic chemicals and leaves behind minimal chemical residue. Take the next step to once again do your business in a pest-free environment. Call us at (915) 503-1391 today to get an affordable quote in El Paso.


Free Inspection & Affordable Pricing


Certified & Highly-Skilled Technicians


Best Practices, Equipment and Products


30-90/Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Types of Pest Control in El Paso

Being a local and licensed Pest control provider based out of El Paso, Texas, we are highly aware of the types of pest problems that are faced in a given season.

One of our company’s main focuses is to consistently develop smarter and more effective ways of handling pest issues. Every technician we send out to your location is licensed and trained to assess the present problem and solve it using the best practices. Works all year round to study the entomology of insect pests and zoology of rodents and other animal pests that hide and breed in the safety of your residence or commercial spaces.

We specialize on the following Pest Control Types. If you have any questions feel free to contact us over the phone or fill out one of our contact forms.

Bed Bug Exterminator El Paso Tx

Bed Bugs are highly mobile as they can be found hidden around your furniture, bed-sheets, pillow covers and more. Bed bugs can infest even the most clean and hygienic households. 

We specialize in exterminating bedbugs, our technicians conduct a thorough assessment and apply the best treatment to rid the infestation. Call us today at (915) 503-1391.

Termite Control El Paso

Being local, we fully understand the biotic and abiotic environment (temperature, moisture, relative humidity etc.) of El Paso, Texas. These environmental factors drive termite infestations every new season. We have the best termite control treatment that will rid the pests and stop further damage to your home.

For pricing, Call or text us today at (915) 503-1391

Mosquito Control El Paso

As an El Paso Pest Control company, we know that every year there tends to be a Mosquito problem. Mosquitoes can carry diseases like the Zika Virus, Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. We can help protect your employees, family and pets by treating your property.

If you need our mosquito control service and would like to protect your home then, Call or text us today at (915) 503-1391.

Rodent Control El Paso

Rodent infestations (mice and rats) occur in El Paso like anywhere else. This type of pest problem can be troublesome to homes and places of business.

Rodents can bear carriers of numerous diseases, potentially putting people and property at risk. If you would like to explore the bet solution to your pest problem contact us today at (915) 503-1391

Our El Paso Pest Control Process

Getting Pest Control Services in El Paso doesn’t have to be a difficult thing. We have the solutions to your Pest issues. Take a look at our 5-step process to learn more of how we can help you.

Step 1 - Have your Questions Answered.

As the El Paso Local experts in Pest Control, we are available to assist with any questions regarding our pests control and pest management services.

Step 2 - Free Inspection and Friendly Quote

We will visit your location for a free site inspection and quote.

Step 3 – Application of Product and Techniques

Using best practices we start to apply the necessary products.

Step 4 - Pest Control Protection & Prevention

We answer all the queries that you may have regarding the custom approach
tailored for pest control of your residence or commercial space.

Step 5 - 30 to 90 Day 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You also have 30-day guarantee. If the problem arises again, we will revisit your
location and service it once again free of charge.

Our Dedication

Pest Control El Paso and its technicians have the capability and the equipment reach even the most inaccessible nooks and corners of your house to find and exterminate pests. This is how we ensure to completely rid your home of pests, fortify it for good to ensure that the pests never return, and once again make it a disease-resistant and safest place for yourself, your kids and your loved ones.

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